Audio: Vitamins and Minerals 101 PRE-ORDER (with free Premium) by Chris Masterjohn

Vitamins and Minerals 101: Audio Edition (with free Premium)

The Vitamins and Minerals 101 audio book will be released on or before December 1, 2019. It will be read by the author, Chris Masterjohn, and distributed as an audio file that can be listened to in an independent audio app/program on your computer or phone. Since this will not be distributed through Amazon, it will not be available in the Audible app. I will recommend specific apps/programs for listening upon distribution of the audio file.  

It will contain the complete 30 lessons of the Vitamins and Minerals 101 online course, as well as three bonus chapters:

1) The first chapter will begin with a description of an optimally designed nutrient-dense diet for someone without food sensitivities. This will set the stage for exploring why the diet is structured the way it is by looking at the individual vitamins and minerals in the succeeding chapters.

2) The second chapter will describe my approach to understanding our nutritional requirements. What is the proper interpretation of the RDA according to its authors? Why should we pay attention to the RDA? When should we deviate from the RDA, and how do we make that decision? What went into my own decisions of how to set the targets for each nutrient in the book?  

3) The final chapter, at the end, will tie everything together, using it to explain the nutrient-dense diet described in the beginning, and will conclude with "what I would eat if I were you" sections for major dietary approaches that differ from the one I recommend as the default. This will cover paleo, vegan, keto, carnivore, and more. It will cover principles to design these diets and recommendations for supplementing.

Immediately upon pre-ordering, you will have access to premium features on the Vitamins and Minerals 101 class, including a private Facebook group for discussions of each lesson, downloadable PDFs of every lesson with clickable links to each section or with print-friendly page numbers, live links in a web interface to each section of each lesson, and everything well organized in one place.

Within a week or two, you will also be able to search within the entire class to pick up lessons and specific sections in lessons that contain what you're looking for. And by September I'll be rolling out quizzes! 

All of these will only be available to you through pre-ordering the book!

In addition, if you pre-order the audio book by midnight on July 31st, I will mail you a handwritten and signed thank you note at the time of release. 

By pre-ordering the audio book, you will pay now and receive the audio book when it is released, on or before December 1, 2019. 

Pre-ordering provides funds that allow me to devote my full focus to finishing this project, which will help make it better and enable me to complete it more quickly. I am extremely grateful for that support.

Audio: Vitamins and Minerals 101 PRE-ORDER (with free Premium)

What's included?

1. Vitamins and Minerals 101 Premium

Audio: Vitamins and Minerals 101 PRE-ORDER