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The Two Faces of Iron
Iron-Deficiency Anemia
Iron Overload and Hemochromatosis
Iron: Cause of and Defense Against Oxidative Stress
Iron and Blood Loss
Blood Loss in the Intestines, and From Exercise
The Genetics of Iron Overload
Phlebotomy and Blood Donation
Sex, Race, and the Prevalence of Hemochromatosis Genetics
How Much Iron Do We Need?
Heme vs. Non-Heme Iron
What Impacts Iron Absorption?
Assumptions Behind the RDA
Why the Average Woman Doesn't Need to Meet the RDA
The RDA for Infants, Children, and Adolescents
Iron in Foods: The Five Tiers
Enriched Grains
Foods That Aren't Rich in Iron
Why Kale and Broccoli Didn't Make the Cut
What an Iron-Rich Diet Looks Like
Dietary Patterns That Can Cause Iron Deficiency
Iron Supplements
Iron and Inflammation
Why You Shouldn't Manage Hemochromatosis or Iron Overload With Diet
Wrapping Up