Big Discounts on My Consultation Services until Monday, July 8
July 06, 2019
Hey Everyone!

One of the things I'd like to add to the CMJ Masterpass, without taking away any of the other features, is to turn it into a sort of "discount club" for all of the things I consider most essential to living a healthy lifestyle. I'm starting with my own products and services, and hope to branch out soon to some of my favorite health products offered by others.

So today I'm announcing a new way for you to save on my consultation services.

First, if you sign up for one or more appointments *or* purchase a package by midnight on Monday, July 8, I will send you a special link otherwise reserved for my returning clients to reduce the prices of September through December 2019 appointments from $450/h to $300/h on both calls and data analysis add-ons.

To take advantage of this, you can either a) purchase a package ($1000 to use for $1200 of value, saving $200; or $1500 to use for $1800 of value, saving $300) or b) purchase a $300 gift certificate.

Then, before scheduling your appointments, email me and ask me for the special link and I will give it to you. This link will allow you to save an additional $150 off each call for the September-December 2019 period, as well as $150 off each hour of data analysis add-on.

Second, my 2020 spots are currently $300/h. I will be permanently raising these to $450 on July 9. If you sign up by midnight on July 8, you will permanently lock in the $300/h rate for all of 2020.

Third, you now have a unique coupon code to get $50 off any appointment that hasn't already been discounted:
  • Since signing up by July 8 is already earning a big discount on the September-December 2019 period, the $50 discount does not apply here.
  • However, since signing up by July 8 is locking in current prices for 2020 rather than discounting them, the $50 discount DOES apply there. In other words, 2020 prices can be brought down to $250/h per call.
  • July and August appointments are subject to a premium scheduling fee that have the total brought to $450/hour. Since the "by July 8 promotion" is not discounting these appointments, the $50 coupon DOES apply.
  • The $50 discount is the total per appointment. So if you get a 2020 appointment that is brought from $300 to $250, adding a data analysis to it will be at the regular price of $300/h.

This coupon code is equal to your email address, minus the @ sign and everything after it. In other words, if your email address is, your coupon code would be:


However, if that is longer than 16 letters, it will be shortened to the first 16 letters. For example, if your email address is, your coupon code will be:


If you have trouble figuring out your coupon code, just email me and I'll get it straightened out.

The $50 discount code is a permanent feature of the Masterpass.

Locking in the $300/h price for 2020 is an independent promotion that anyone can access so long as they sign up by midnight on Monday, July 8.

Saving $150 for each appointment and each hour of data analysis for the September-December 2019 period is only for Masterpass members and expires at midnight on Monday, July 8.

To lock in your big discounts, purchase one package or one gift certificate using this link, then email me asking me for the special link. 

Use your unique discount code when scheduling your appointments.

Please review the terms and take a look at the calendar to see when my availability is before making your final decision.

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