046: Living With MTHFR (8/12/17)

MTHFR is an enzyme that allows folate (vitamin B9) to support the cellular process of methylation, which is important for the synthesis of creatine and phosphatidylcholine, the regulation of gene expression, neurotransmitter metabolism, and dozens of other processes. There are two common polymorphisms that decrease its activity, A1298C and C677T, with C677T having the stronger effect. Genetic decreases in MTHFR activity are associated with cardiovascular disease, neurologic and psychiatric disorders, pregnancy complications and birth defects, and cancer.

While discussions of these polymorphism tend to focus on supplementing with methyl-folate, this should only be a small piece of the puzzle, and may be unnecessary in the context of a diet rich in natural food folate. The bigger pieces of the puzzle are restoring choline, creatine, and glycine.

In this episode, I describe how the methylation system works, how it’s regulated, and how it’s altered with MTHFR variations. I then use this to develop a detailed dietary strategy and an evaluative strategy to make sure the dietary strategy is working.

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