059: Ask Me Anything About Nutrition, February 17, 2019

On February 17, members of the CMJ Masterpass joined me in a live Zoom meeting to ask me anything about nutrition, and here’s the full recording!

We talked about lots and lots of things: using the Oura ring to measure HRV and optimize athletic performance and recovery, what to do in the context of diabetes if T3 doesn’t increase your heat production, whether keeping warm with clothing has health benefits if you can’t get your body temperature up, what to do about high morning glucose, how to get rid of heavy metals, how to repair bone, what vegans should do to get arachidonic acid levels up, zinc and copper supplementation, kale and spinach smoothies, blood donation when your transferrin saturation is high but your ferritin is low, dealing with a high resting heart rate, lots of questions on organic acid markers, how estrogen can mess up vitamin B6 markers even in men and when that means you should lower your protein intake, whether combining carbs and fat makes people fat, how many eggs to eat a day, how the nutritional needs of children are special, vitamin A toxicity in and out of pregnancy, creatine non-responders, intermittent fasting hurting sleep…

…. and much more!