088: Dietary Histamine: How Reliable Is the Information?

If you suffer from ANY of these symptoms — diarrhea, headaches (including migraines), nasal congestion, asthma, wheezing, low or high blood pressure, heart palpitations (when your heart skips, flutters or beats irregularly), hives, itching, or flushing, you could be histamine intolerant.

If you are, this means that, as much as your symptoms seem like allergies, it could be a reaction to histamine in foods, such as hard cheese, fish, shellfish, dried nuts and fruit, and fermented and aged products more generally.

But can you trust the lists you find on the internet of which foods to avoid? In this episode I look at the data on histamine in foods — and it’s messier than you might think.

Tune in to see which foods you should be most concerned with.

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