042: What to Do About Your COMT Genes

Do you have anxiety? Depression? Attention problems? Or are you worried about estrogen and cancer?

If so, watch this video to learn about the role of your COMT genetics.

COMT metabolizes dopamine, estrogen, and various other things. Half of us have the genetic for intermediate activity. The other half of us are split evenly between high and low activity. When nutrition is optimal, this just leads to personality differences: with low COMT activity, you’re better at focusing, but tend to ruminate on things rather than letting them go; with high COMT activity, you rarely get stuck in a rut, but you just as rarely sit down to focus on one single thing. When nutrition is off, we can go to pathological extremes, whether it’s depression and anxiety on one hand, or attention deficit and hyperactivity on the other. Robust COMT activity is also needed to get rid of harmful forms of estrogen that contribute to cancer risk.

I recommend testing your COMT genes with StrateGene, which you can get here:

For more information on how to get the StrateGene report, watch this video, the first of the three MTHFR videos:

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