041: Your Nitric Oxide Genes, Blood Pressure, and Asthma

Do you have asthma? High blood pressure? Knowing your nitric oxide genes may help you find a solution.

In this episode we continue to look at the StrateGene report, this time focusing on the genes for endothelial nitric oxide synthase. Impairments in this enzyme can increase your risk of asthma or high blood pressure. If you have either of these conditions and impairments in the enzyme, then you may benefit from strategies aimed at increasing nitric oxide production. Ensuring adequate zinc and arginine are part of the strategy because they support the enzyme, but you also should consider strategies that get around the enzyme, such as foods and supplements that generate nitric oxide enzymatically. Watch the video to learn more!

I recommend testing your eNOS genes with StrateGene, which you can get here:

For more information on how to get the StrateGene report, watch this video:


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