115: Tryptophan and Carbs for Sleep

In order to sleep well, you need to get a good dose of tryptophan into your brain at any point during the day. The simplest way to do that is with natural, whole-food, high-glycemic carbohydrates like white potatoes and sweet potatoes. 

Tune in for how to make this work on a high-carb, low-carb or even keto diet, when to include a tryptophan supplement, and what to consider when timing the supplements or carbs.

Here is the previous episode on carbs, tryptophan, and stress-resistance: https://masterpass.chrismasterjohnphd.com/courses/chris-masterjohn-lite/51653-105-carbs-for-serotonin-and-stress-resistance

Here are some studies on carbs and protein affecting tryptophan transport and sleep: